Hi. I'm Yash Indulkar.

And this is my Website.

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About Me

I just completed my undergrad at Thakur College of Science & Commerce in Information Technology.
My research areas are Convolutional Neural Network, Bayesian Deep Learning, Long Short Term Memory Networks etc on the Theoretical Side and Protein Sequence Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Object Detection & Tracking, Pattern Recognition etc on the Application Side.
More broadly, I am interested in Deep Learning and Computer Vision with an approach to increase the Accuracy & Speed.
The communities I follow are ICCTAW, ICIMMI, ICOSEC, ICICV, MVAI, MICCAI, MIDL and WACV.

Besides Research, I enjoy playing Games (FIFA, Open World Games) and Cooking (Also Eating).


28th October 2020 Started working on new research idea based on PUBG Ranking Based on H2O Package in R Programming.
25th October 2020 Started working on new research idea based on Comparative Study for Different Machine Learning Algorithms.
8th October 2020 Completed Undergraduation in Bsc-IT (Information Technology) from Thakur College of Science & Commerce.
15th July 2020 Published Paper in ICOSEC 2020 for Sentiment Analysis of Uber & Ola using Deep Learning Algorithms under IEEE.
10th June 2020 Published Paper in ICIMMI 2020 for Effects of Uber and Ola on SVM and Naive Bayes under Springer Journal 2020.
28th April 2020 Published Paper in ICCTAW 2020 under Twitter Sentimental Analysis of Uber & Ola using SVM & Naive Bayes in R.
25th March 2020 Completed Research on Sentiment Analysis for Uber & Ola using Machine Learning Algorithms in R Programming.

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